Nextlevel Ministries celebrated its 20th Anniversary in January 2020.  We want to be good stewards of our calling as we take our disciple making to the next level.  Here’s how we plan to move forward:

Our VISION 2020 Campaign will allow us to accomplish three GOALS over the next two years:

  1. To assist each participant in our Nextlevel groups to take their personal walk with Jesus to the next level
  2. To equip each group leader with tools and materials to take their group’s relational experience to the next level
  3. To resource churches with our communal model of discipleship that will help take their small group ministries to the next level

To accomplish these goals, we are glad to announce that on January 1, 2019, Steve Andrews began his new full-time ministry role as Director of Discipleship and Operations at Nextlevel Ministries.  Now with TWO full-time disciple makers (yeah, Lyle’s not going anywhere!) and a seasoned volunteer Operations Team, we will be able to multiply our efforts in achieving this vision.  

TOGETHER, WE CAN DO THIS!  Just think of it: a monthly gift of (say) $20, $50 or $75 from just a few hundred monthly patrons will enable us to accomplish our mission:

to provide followers of Jesus with the opportunity to experience life-transforming spiritual friendships.

The men and women in our groups are stepping up to do their part.  Would you also consider stepping in to this timely and crucial role of financial partner? Join us in fulfilling the Great Commission starting right here in Eastern Ontario.

You WILL be deeply appreciated. 
Lives WILL be profoundly changed. 
God WILL be greatly glorified.

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