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Nextlevel ministries is all about helping men to engage in life-transforming relationships with other men through their involvement in a Nextlevel Covenant Group or a mentoring friendship.

Meet Jim. Jim is a respected member of his church. When you meet him, there’s an air of humility and reality about him. He acts like one who is not alone, because he no longer is. Jim has experienced and understood what it means to belong. Jim wrestles with the pressures of being a husband, a father and an employee, a leader and a servant—but he tackles those issues together with a band of brothers he meets with weekly. By the power of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of the Scriptures, these brothers endeavour to walk closely with God and with each other. This helps Jim deal with unhealthy areas of his life that were once hidden by pride, guilt and isolation. Jim used to walk this road of faith alone, but he now realizes he can’t do it alone. Jim’s Nextlevel Covenant Group has become an indispensable lifeline that helps him shoulder life’s load, as he, in turn, helps each of the other men in the same way. Jim’s inter-dependence with his Nextlevel Covenant Group is now a tangible reflection on his daily dependence on God.

Our Method

Our main focus is to assist the formation of Covenant Groups, and to ensure that the men in these groups begin their spiritual journey together on the right foot. This means guiding them into relational Christianity—following Christ as a band of brothers who are committed to seeing each other pursue the things of God. For most men, this is a new and somewhat unnatural experience. By and large, men are prone to individualism and isolationism, even men in the church. That’s why, we provide biblical rationale, process and structure for developing this kind of koinonia experience. It is simply spiritual friendship, but is not always that simple or intuitive to achieve. Nextlevel helps men and churches inaugurate these kinds of life-giving friendships.

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